Construction Manager as Constructor

Rand has served in the capacity of a Construction Manager (CM) as Constructor providing general construction services to the federal government. This form of construction agreement has become increasingly popular with the government, as well as with a number of private concerns in recent years. It is recognized that this project delivery system can offer many advantages over the traditional design-bid- build process, especially in fast track projects.

The Construction Manager as Constructor process allows the owner to select a Construction Manager based upon qualifications and make the CM a member of a collaborative project team. In addition, it offers the convenience of a single contract or manageable number of contracts for the construction effort.

The presence of a CM during the design phase of the project allows the owner to obtain advice on cost, schedule, and constructability. When the CM serves as the General Contractor on the project, the procurement process for construction becomes more manageable and predictable. It also allows the completion of early construction activities that support shutdown timing and on-time completion of the project.

When using this project delivery system, Rand will advise the owner early in the project as to which aspects of the construction work we plan to self-perform. We will estimate the work and will discuss with the owner any concerns regarding budgetary compliance. Rand will competitively bid the subcontracts and share the tabulation results with the owner, who will have the final approval on subcontractor selection. In addition, the owner has the option to choose the subcontractors who are approved to bid on the project. When the project design documents are sufficiently complete, Rand can convert the self-performed work to a lump sum, should the owner desire.

The early involvement of Rand in the project may reduce the risk for all parties due to the anticipation of field conditions that might be overlooked by others who do not have the long-term involvement. In addition, the knowledge we gain regarding the owner’s standards and preferences is also a valuable qualification for the CM, as this knowledge can help leverage the owner’s staff in review of design documents early in the project.