Truman Medical Center Lakewood Campus Obstetrics Clinic

 Truman Medical Center Lakewood Campus Obstetrics Clinic
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Kansas City, MO

This project was the build-out of a Labor/ Delivery/ Recovery Suite, consisting of nineteen private rooms, a nursery, a nurse’s station, two fully outfitted operating rooms, one recovery room and one isolation room, along with all the requisite support spaces. The area is approximately 20,000SF and was built in an active hospital facility.

The project required the demobilization and rerouting of existing hospital utilities, the complete upgrade of an existing AHU system, and re-routing of existing AHU duct and piping- all within the confines of an operating hospital environment. Other work included extending medical gas lines and installing lines in each patient room, as well as the new operating rooms, nursery and recovery space.

Unique Features/Challenges:

This complex project required the understanding and application of unique systems involving medical gas life support systems, balanced pressurized labs, and delivery rooms for patient care and support. Rand’s experience allowed us to work inside an active facility without disrupting the delivery of services.

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