Munson Military Hospital

Munson Military Hospital
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Ft. Leavenworth, KS

This design-build project consisted of the complete renovation of the Physical Therapy/ Occupational Therapy (PT/ OT) Department and a 2,200SF addition. The PT/ OT addition was a 2-story building attached to the existing hospital. The 2nd floor of the addition has a dedicated penthouse which included a new air handling unit to serve both the existing PT/OT Department and the new PT/OT Addition. We successfully demolished the old AHU which served the PT/OT Department and energized/commissioned the new AHU over a 3-day weekend while the hospital staff was gone with no disruption to the facility.

Unique Features/Challenges:

The most challenging part of the project was when Rand had a 3½-day window to completely shut-down existing AHU-E and all associated systems that served this space, demolish this unit, piping ductwork and controls, and install a new York 30,000 CFM unit to replace it complete with humidifiers, steam to hot water heat exchanger, hot water pumps & new ventilation, and controls that serve the renovated space and new addition. By carefully planning out the preceding work activities, phased demolition and scheduled new installation, it allowed this work to successfully take place over this shutdown window so that the hospital staff could return to work without disruption to their operations.

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