LaFarge / Central Plains Cement

LaFarge / Central Plains Cement
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Independence, MO

Annual Spring Outage- Performed scheduled maintenance and repairs on conveyors, mills, crushers, and shredders annually

Barge Load-Out Renovations at River- Repaired existing and supplied additional platforms and handrail for Barge Load-Out area at the river. Repaired mothballed feeder, conveyors, and dust collection equipment to bring back to working condition. Enclosed maintenance shed used to house materials and equipment.

Coal and Finish Mill Repairs- Repaired and placed liners and shell plates on multiple Coal and Finish Mills.

Raw Mill Repairs- Removed and replaced 50,000 roll sets, replaced 10,000 “tires” on individual sets, modified support base and replaced 2,000HP auxiliary drive on Raw Mill, and installed and aligned drive couplings.

Stack Repairs- Furnished and installed structural supports and guides approximately halfway up a 200’ stack.

Grizzly Modifications and Repairs at Truck Unloading- Replaced support beams and grizzly steel, and repaired and replaced hopper steel and liner plates.

Coal Mill Shell Repairs- Provided materials and labor to remove and install a new outer steel shell to the Coal Mill located on the 2nd level.

Access Platforms- Provided materials and labor to fabricate and install access platforms for maintenance personnel.

Fab Kiln Burner Pipe- Provided materials and labor to fabricate and install new components on a 20’ long Kiln Gas Burner Pipe Assembly.

ASF Work- Performed maintenance and repairs on conveyors, shredders, and elevators at the Alternate Solid Fuels (ASF) building.

Extend Conveyor- Provided materials and labor to modify and extend the Under-Silo Coke Belt Conveyor.

Maintenance Work- Complete routine maintenance and emergency repairs for the last 10 years. Modified existing and supplied new equipment access platforms.

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