Kansas City DOLIR Building Utility Service Separation and Tenant Finish

Kansas City DOLIR Building Utility Service Separation and Tenant Finish
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Kansas City, MO

This project started as a utility service separation project and turned into a 77,000 square foot tenant finish project for multiple agencies. The original contract included the installation of a new chiller, water service, fire protection service, and electrical service. The State of Missouri started moving multiple departments into this building due to state lease agreements expiring. Therefore, multiple tenant finish scope packages were added to Rand’s contract. This scope involved constructing various tenant finish requirements ranging from office space renovations to the construction of eight (8) courtrooms, with extensive millwork, required by the Department of Worker’s Compensation.

Unique Features/Challenges:

The project had to be coordinated with each agency’s director, the furniture movers/installers, IT personnel, etc. Prior to demolition and construction, temporary dust enclosures had to be constructed. The mechanical and electrical tie-ins had to be performed during nights and/or weekends due to the fact that both buildings were occupied. Coordination was extremely important between the State of Missouri, Sprint, utility companies and the City of Kansas City, Missouri as a street closure permit was required for this project. During the course of this project, multiple project turnovers were done, as the State of Missouri had to move multiple agencies into this building utilizing an accelerated construction schedule.

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