East High School- Mechanical & Electrical Upgrades

East High School- Mechanical & Electrical Upgrades
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Kansas City, MO

Rand Construction was the prime contractor and mechanical contractor for this project which consisted of HVAC, mechanical, and electrical upgrades. The purpose was to provide HVAC upgrades to include air conditioning for the entire building. This project consisted of renovating the four story 238,700 square foot five-story building that consisted of classrooms, office space, two gymnasiums and auditorium areas. This required the removal of all acoustical ceilings, steam boilers, radiators, piping, lighting, electrical panels and secondary feeders and removal of electrical switchgears. We installed two Trane high efficiency centrifugal chillers, cooling towers, complete new four pipe system which feed individual fan coil units in 101 classrooms and 7 air handlers that supplied heating/cooling to the offices, auditorium, gymnasiums, cafeteria and kitchens.

All lighting was replaced with new 277volt 28 watt fluorescent lighting along with new acoustical ceilings. New energy management systems were installed to operate the HVAC system. Additional energy management features include, replacement of all windows with new 1” double glazed fixed and single hung windows, new roller shades, two new Fulton boilers and converting the existing Hurst boilers from steam to hot water heating, circulating pumps and chemical feeders. Electrical system upgrades included replacement of all lighting, replacement of all electrical distribution panels, new switchgear, refurbishing existing switchgear, installation of new outlets in all classrooms

In addition to the HVAC and electrical upgrades the entire school was outfitted with new data and telephone communication systems that included ten (10) data drops per classroom along with two wireless access hubs per room. Wireless access hubs were installed every 30ft in the corridors and main meeting areas to provide internet access to students and visitors. Each classroom received new ENO boards, projectors, AV access ports and speakers.

Unique Features/Challenges:

The work had to be planned, scheduled and completed to avoid the disruption of the school and classroom activities. A majority of the work was done at night and on weekends.

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