Bayer CropScience EUS Tank Foundation

Bayer CropScience EUS Tank Foundation
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Kansas City, MO

This foundations project included the installation of approximately 60 Augercast piles for a large tank and pipe rack, demolition of paving and sidewalks, as well as demolition and installation of new storm sewer and manholes. The project also included the demolition of the existing washout pad.

Unique Features/Challenges:

The concrete tank foundation had a diameter of 155’ with a thickness of 2.5’.  The pour was performed in one day utilizing three concrete pump trucks and approx. 80 men.  Coordination with KCP&L with overhead power lines and coal train deliveries to their power plant was critical to avoid delays in concrete delivery trucks.  On average, one concrete truck was arriving every 3 minutes during the 10-hour pour.  Other coordination was required inside the plant to assure there was no disruption in plant production and traffic control for safety of personnel.

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